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The Defiant Goldfish

The Management Team Consists of Adam Dopps and Corey Webb. Adam is the General Manager and will run the Front of House operations, and Corey will be in charge of Back of the House functions. Both Adam and Corey have extensive experience in both the restaurant business and bar business, as well as working with others in the industry as consultants.

Adam will be responsible for all aspects of the bar. He will oversee the wait and bar staff and do the interviewing, hiring and training. He will also work as both a server and a bartender as needed when an active on duty manager is not required.

Adam started in the restaurant business as a dishwasher when he turned 16 years old. He managed is first restaurant, The Milton Tavern, in 1993 after spending some time is sales when he returned from serving in the USAF. There he was responsible for all aspects of the business. Interviewing, hiring, firing, training, opening and closing, and all aspects of customer service.

He and his brother then went on to open the Greenlake Alehouse in Seattle in 1994. They acted as co managers until they opened their second location, the Bay Street Alehouse, in Port Orchard. At that time, Adam became responsible for all aspects of the business, included bookkeeping and banking, payroll, ordering of food and beverages, including beer and wine. He also handled all repair and maintenance, permits and licensing, payment of taxes, advertising and promotions, and was responsible for all aspects of both the front and back of house duties. They sold the Greenlake Alehouse to a couple of their bartenders for a profit in 1997 when Adam left to run his new venture, The Skykomish Hotel, a 22 room European Style Bed and Breakfast. The hotel was located on Stevens Pass, about an hour and a half northeast of Seattle, and had a full restaurant and bar, as well as a banquet room where they had live music and comedy.

Adam operated the hotel with his wife where his responsibilities expanded to include overseeing all hotel operations, repair, maintenance, and remodeling, as well as front of the house service in the restaurant and bar. He also booked the bands and comedians for shows in the banquette room, and oversaw all special events. While they were there, Adam served the community as a member of the Town Council. He was also able to secure a grant for $25,000 for the replacement of the failed hotel septic system through the King County Historic Preservation Department.

Upon returning from Skykomish, Adam owned and operated the Front Street Pub in Poulsbo until he sold out to his brother and went to work for Papa Johns Pizza in Pierce County. He worked with them until his wife was transferred to Boise Idaho in 1991. While they were in Idaho, he worked as an Assistant Manager at Applebee's Bar & Grill. When his wife was transferred back to Seattle, Adam went back to work for Papa Johns as a District Manager overseeing 5 to 10 stores. He and his wife moved to Phoenix towards the end of 2005 and Adam worked as a Franchise Consultant and Director of Training for a small pizza company. He has spent the last 5 years of his career as a Franchise Business Consultant working for a corporate franchiser, overseeing 40 The Little Gyms in the SE portion of the country. He worked with them with improving the operations of theirs businesses and improving the bottom line.

Now, Adam and his wife Jane have moved back to Tacoma and bought a house, and are opening The Defiant Goldfish.

Corey has been in the restaurant and retail arena for nearly 30 years.  He will be responsible for design and implementation of the great pub menu at The Defiant Goldfish.  Corey's passion is pizza.  He started his restaurant career as a delivery driver for Domino's in 1986.  Corey quickly moved up in the pizza world to store manager, and by 1993 he was supervising 5 stores in Whatcom and Skagit counties. As supervisor, he had full P&L responsibility for his stores.  He hired and trained all store managers, worked within a budget, and oversaw all local marketing.

By 2000 Corey had proven his skills as an operator and was hired by Domino's Pizza, LLC as a Franchise Consultant overseeing stores in a 7 state region in the northern plains.  He with Domino's franchisees to help them maximize their return on investment.  He assisted with operations, financial planning, and local marketing.  After two years in the Dakotas, Domino's did a reorganization and Corey transferred  back to Washington where he continued his career with Domino's for an additional 5 years.  Corey served with Domino's for nearly 20 years.  During that tenure he was married, had 3 children and earned a Bachelor's degree.

Corey's next position was as Regional Director of Franchise Operations for GNC.  He supported seven western states including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Nevada and Alaska.  Through this 5 year experience Corey gained valuable knowledge into the specialty retail arena.  He was again working with franchisees to help them build their businesses and used franchisee P&L's to identify opportunities in the stores.  He also worked with franchisees to develop effective marketing plans and correct operational deficiencies.

Since he left GNC in 2011 Corey has been working as the Director of Operations for Jet City Pizza.  His vast experience in the restaurant and retail business makes him ideal for the Defiant Goldfish.  His knowledge of restaurant operations, financial operations, and marketing will be a great asset to this project.